Kyriakos Rossidis

Kyriakos Rossidis

Kyperounda – Cyprus

When I started climbing, I had no idea where the whole thing could lead. Years later, I found myself climbing in lots of different disciplines, pushing my limits, discovering and developing new areas, trying to make a living out of it and of course enjoying every single moment.

Andri Bieger

Andri Bieger

Disentis/Mustér – Switzerland

I go to the Mountains in search of freedom, happiness and adventure. I spend as much time as possible in the mountains always striving to push my limits and broaden my horizon.

At the same time I try to cut down my ecological footprint as much as possible. Skitouring as much as possible, travelling mostly by train and not chasing the powder around the globe but enjoying the mountains in my backyard, no matter the conditions. Those are my goals.

Florian Siglbauer

Florian Siglbauer

Bavaria – South Germany

My first time on Ski’s was in kindergarten, later on I rode Snowboard for a few Year’s. As a teenager I came back to Skiing, because I prefered to have the opportunity to Speedfly and Skitouring.

I love being in the mountains, summer and wintertime.

Douring my working holiday in Australia I discovered Surfing and Scuba diving but I realised „a Life without Mountains, isn’t a Life..

Arnold Ueli

Arnold Ueli

Schattdorf – Switzerland

I started skiing in my backyard when I was 4 year old. After several years on the hills around my home town I started exploring the backcountry with my friends. This great skiing experience in the untracked Terrain has been one of the reason for my decision to become a certified Mountain Guide. In the last 22 years as a Mountain Guide I got the chance to explore great Skiing Terrain  as a Heliskiing and Skitouring Guide in the Canadian Rockies and the great Mountains of Norway. After more the 30 years of Backcountry Skiing I’m still enjoying each powder turn.

Favorite activities: Skitouring, Telemarking, Moutaineering, Rock Climbing

Christoph Kaltenböck

Christoph Kaltenböck

Linz – Austria

I can’t remember when I started skiing. In my head it has always been a big part of me! Skiing was always something I looked forward to, where I excelled and it never failed to give me joy. In 2015 I discovered skitouring as well as freeriding and from there it took off! And now? Nothing is too steep or too gnarly and I want more… Is it an addiction? Definitely yes! There’s nothing that can beat a culoir full of stable pow ready to be shredded!  The thing I enjoy most when out skitouring, freeriding or climbing is the freedom to make your own decisions, take your own path and set foot to new places or take a new approach to places you have already been.

Favorite activities: Freeride, Skitouring, Skiing in general actually, climbing in all its variations, photography, planning ski-trips 😎

John Mccune

John Mccune

Belfast – Ireland

I grew up in Northern Ireland a long way from big mountains and any serious skiing. My eyes were opened to the mountain life on a few ski holidays when I was a teenager. I started going on trips to the mountains, skiing and climbing as much as I could. Soon this became my way of life. I did a university degree in photography, then focused my efforts on becoming an IFMGA mountain guide, qualifying in 2016. Now I live in Chamonix where I love guiding people in the mountains, and pushing my own limits and exploring on skis and on the rocks.

Annalena Hilpert

Annalena Hilpert

München – Germany

Growing up in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with the whole family skiing it was only natural that I came in contact with the sport, too. When I was still a toddler my mum would spend the whole afternoon to ski down the Kandahar with me – once. Later on, I improved my skills, got faster and started competing. Whereas my passion for skiing and sport in general never ended, I didn’t have the heart to compete anymore at the age of 17. My dad was the owner of the legendary ski hut called Drehmöser 9. He gave me an insight into various aspects of skiing: Cross-Country Skiing, Skitouring, big mountain riding and having some shots at the bar as well.


Gabriele Della Giorgia

Badia – Italy 

I started skiing very early at the age of 2.
I have always had a passion for skiing, every day on skis was special, even now it still is. I immediately realized that my terrain is off-piste and mountains covered with fresh snow.
The adrenaline I find while skiing new lines is indescribable, as is the passion and commitment that I put into it.
I have been participating in the Freeride World Qualifier for two years. First I participated in the Freeride Junior Tour which gave me inspiration and success for the Freeride World Qualifier. I have achieved important results that have helped me give life to my growing ski career.
For me, where there is snow and cold it is my perfect habitat. I would not be able to live without mountains or winter.
Mountains are where I belong!
Skiing is my way of life, forever!

Favorite activities: skiing, powder hunting, MTB/downhill, hiking, photography, climbing

Hanna Dankesreiter

Hanna Dankesreiter

Munich – Germany

My name is Hanna and I was born and raised in Munich Bavaria. I started skiing the same time as I started walking … a little later ski racing. Once old enough I became a ski instructor then Ski touring and ski mountaineering followed soon. To cut a long story short, skiing became my passion and in 2014 I discovered Telemark which became a way of life for me. Skiing Telemark is one of my greatest passions and I love sharing that passion with others and the world. Ogso represents the way of skiing which I love. To bee free to ski however and wherever you want.

Favourite activities: Skiing telemark, deep Powder skiing, hiking, cycling, (cooking) + eating 🙂


Joscha Kotlan

Joscha Kotlan

Innsbruck – Austria

My addiction to outdoor sports couldn’t be fulfilled so I moved to Innsbruck. I try to spend every free minute outside trail running, climbing, and hiking in the summer and ski touring in the winter. With family roots in Bavaria and South Tyrol, I started skiing at the age of 3 and worked 3 seasons as a ski instructor in St.Anton am Arlberg. Having Innsbruck as my home base now makes thinks it a lot easier and I can push my limits every season. In season 2019/2020 I compete in my first Freeride Qualifier Event and this season I will become a skitouring guide in the Alpenverein. As a future engineer, I try to combine my interests and strengths in technology, perfection, creativity and an eye for detail in making films.
From wedding films on Ibizia to yoga retreats in the lonely mountains of Tyrol, my film making portfolio is as diverse as the passions that drives me, especially skiing.

Favorite Activities: Skitouring, Filmmaking, Hiking,Trailrunning, Climbing, Yoga and Good Beer


Stephan Barth

Rosenheim – Germany

I’ve started as an alpine skier and then switched to park and slopestyle skiing.
Besides some competitions I mainly focus on video and photo projects, which is a another great passion for me. The last few seasons I got more and more into the backcountry and now trying to transfer the style from park into features in the backcountry.
Most important thing for me is having good times out there, together with friends! So besides skiing and during summer I do a lot of cycling and bikepacking tours.

Adrià Puig

Adrià Puig

Reus – Spain

I have always felt very identified with the mountains, and when I had to decide what to study, I was clear, I wanted to dedicate myself to sports, my passion, and do it in a mountain environment, which is where best I feel. So I have been for 15 years, surrounded all day by the mountains of the Pyrenees, working and enjoying skiing in winter, either with freeride days and especially with ski mountaineering trips, and in summer, on the mountain bike or in the river practicing canyoning.

Favorite activities: Ski mountaineering, mountain-biking, alpinism & canyoning

Stephan Behrendt

Stephan Behrendt

Bavaria – Germany 

Times in the mountains have always been my fondest memories and I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t skiing.  Getting older my hobby slowly turned into my passion and cost me most of my time during winter. Starting to work as a ski instructor helped to get more time on the snow. First I discovered Freeriding and shortly after ski touring. Arriving at the mountain top in silence with your best buddies is one of the reasons I get up in the morning whatever time it is. So in the summer I train for the upcoming season with cycling and try to turn skiing into my way of living !

Favorite Activities: Skiing, bouldering, hiking

Andreas Brunner

Brixen – Italy

I grew up in the middle of the fantastic mountain scenery in South Tyrol in northern Italy. My first tries on Ski had been on the T-Bar lift in my Home Village. Since then nothing keeps me at home when there is somewhere Snow outside. After switching to snowboarding for 6 years as a teenager, I discovered Ski mountaineering for me and quickly came back to skiing. I am on the way in the steep gullies of the Dolomites and from the perfect Ski touring mountains in South Tyrol up to the highest peaks of the Alps.

I work as instructor in the climbing gym “Vertikale” in Brixen and for 15 years as volunteer together with children at the South Tyrolean Alpine Club to share my passion for the mountains to the kids.

If there is no snow, you get the best chance to meet me in the Dolomites while alpine climbing and I also love to swing my ice tools into frozen water.

Hannes Klausner

Hannes Klausner

Sankt Veit im Pongau – Austria

Professional Freeride Mountain-biker since 16 years.
Master of Sports Science
Mountain-bike Instructor / Guide / Trainer
Ski Instructor
Very passionate Freeride and Powder Skier with homebase in the Mountains.

Sébastien Rougegré

Sébastien Rougegré

Rhone-Alpes – France

I am an UIAGM mountain guide, ski guide, and French qualified ski instructor. I’m an active climber, skier, and mountain guide in the Alps. I offer many outdoor adventures, such as skiing, climbing, and more. At the age of 34, I was over 19 years of experience in the mountains and has led several expeditions worldwide.

Johann Courcelle

Chamonix – France

I was born in Chamonix with skis on the feet, though I started to work as a sailing instructor on the west coast of France near Bordeaux and as a ski instructor in Les Orres first and completed my exams respectively in 1997 and 1998.

I definitely turned my look on the summits in 2000 and began to train to become a mountain guide in order to stay in Chamonix all year around. 
I completed my Uiagm course in 2007 and worked as a guide ever since. 
I opened a few lines in the valley either with skis, snowboard or telemark. 
Calm and patient, I really love to teach my guests and get them better in all activities. 

Favourite activities: ski-touring during winter time and classic alpinism during the summertime.

Fabio treves

Fabio Treves

 Aoste – Italy

I graduated as an aspiring guide in 2014 and completed the training in 2017. After a year and a half in Gressoney in the Mont Rose region, I arrived in Chamonix where I found my ideal place for my job and for my passion. for the mountain. My favorite activities are multi-pitch climbing, ice and mixed climbing, and cross-country skiing. In these, I try to improve myself and explore as much as possible so that my passion can remain strong and to transmit it to the people I support. From fall 2018 I am part of the Chamexperience team.

Eric Jamet

Briancon – France

I grew up on skis, tried everything: slope, racing, freeride, freestyle, steep skiing, ski touring, ski mountaineering.

What i prefer is to discover new orisons with my ski touring skis, but i never say no to a big powpow day.

Jerome sullivan

Jerome Sullivan

Chamonix – France

My early years were spent between France and the U.S. which probably made me the traveler I am today. Unfortunately I took the worst of both sides!  I’ve been working as a guide for 10 years now and between pro and amateur, I can’t get enough of being in the mountains.  Travelling for mountaineering, climbing and skiing is what I dedicate my free time to. The rest of the time I guide with the amazing team at Chamex. Obsessed? The line is thin but I would rather say passionate.

Maël Baguet

Grenoble – France.

Growing up in a city surrounded by mountains, Mael started skiing, snowboarding, climbing and mountaineering at a very young age. My passion for mountains led me to my UIAGM mountain guide qualification, which I achieved in 2015.

Favourite activities: Going fast in the mountain is my passion! Skiing, flying, falling, rolling…


Grenoble – France

I was born in Grenoble with direct access to the mountains. I started traveling the mountains from a very young age around my home. And then this passion pushed me to explore mountains further and further. First in the Alps then in Peru, Pakistan, Nepal, USA, Morocco, Jordan. I have always had a lot of fun sharing and transmitting my passion for the mountains. This naturally led me to the profession of guide which I graduated since 2015.

Favourite activities: skiing, ridge run.

Olivier Pujol

Grenoble – France

Olivier spent his childhood on skis, chasing after ibex around the mountains. He realised his dream and qualified as a UIAGM mountain guide in 2010.

The OGSO Marinelli skis are Olivier’s choice, as he prefers big skis that are stable and solid for going fast.

“I prefer to ski full on off-piste rather than ski touring in the winter.” Olivier

Pete Mason

New York – USA

I grew up in central New York state and hiked and cross country skied from a young age. I discovered climbing in college and moved to Colorado to pursue my love of skiing and climbing. I moved to France in 2003 and passed my guide’s exam at ENSA. I live in Courmayeur, Italy with my wife and daughters. I am the 2nd American to become a French mountain guide. I enjoy all the mountain disciplines! 

Raphael Thiot

Romans sur isère – France

Discovery of the mountain in 1992 by a waterfall in the Ecrins massif, relearning skiing in 1993 by ski touring and quickly ski mountaineering … I have never managed to get rid of my passion for the mountains and even less of the desire to share it.

Ice and mixte climbing, rock climbing, travel in mountain with my skis…this is what I love to do.

Sebastien ‘Bastiou’ Corret

Pyrenees – France

Ski instructor (2000) and Mountain guide (2006). I like to climb anything as long as it has rock, snow or ice. I like to ride anything as long as it has …. snow

I like to ride any snow device except snowshoes and snowblades. I like Marylin Manson and Vivaldi, Burgundy wines, powder snow after rain. I hate snow shoes and snowblades, rock falls, rain after powder snow.

I’ve been travelling the world in the quest for my dream summit (Pyrenees, Alps, Northern Africa, Central Asia, Himalayas, South America, US….), still looking for it!

Lucy Arnold

London – UK 

I grew up following my parents around the soggy hills of Wales and England before being introduced to skiing at the age of six. After this, there was no turning back.

I have now been living in Chamonix in the French Alps for 15 years and have managed to successfully turn my passion for the high mountains into a way of life.

Favourite activities: Ski touring, rock climbing, ice climbing and trail running.

martin elias

Martin Elias

Pyrenees – Spain

I am a mountain guide living and working in Chamonix for around 6 years. I am a passionate and talented climber, having already bagged most of Chamonix most difficult North facing routes.

I had led several successful first summit expeditions in Patagonia and the Middle East. I also adore ski mountaineering.

Favourite activities: Alpine rock climbing and ski mountaineering.

Phil Collet


I worked as a mountain guide for 15 years. I love ski touring far away from the crowds, which pushes me to find those hidden slopes that are rarely skied – I only ski where it is good!

As a climber, I love the big classics (most of all those that are aesthetic or have history), and as soon as the ice forms I had my ice axes in my hands.

Favourite activities: Ski touring, climbing paragliding

Didier Bobeau

Pyrenees – France 

I am born in Pyrenees, where I discovered my passion for climbing, mountaineering and skiing. I moved to Chamonix in 1983 to train as a ski instructor and stayed here ever since, pursuing my mountain career to also qualify as a UIAGM mountain guide in 1989.

This relatively rare double qualification allows me to work as a ski guide whilst helping people to improve their off-piste techniques. I am also a passionate rock climber and mountaineer, with 4 years’ experience as an expeditions leader in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

Favourite activities: Off Piste skiing, Ski touring, and rock climbing

Armin Rofner

Armin Rofner

Brixen – Italy

I was born in South Tyrol in the middle of the Dolomites and had the opportunity to spend my whole childhood on skis (or in the mountains).

My excursions started on my home mountains and meanwhile I can’t wait any longer when I can ride a new steep gully.

Favourite activities: ski touring, alpine rock and ice climbing, mountaineering!

Yves Lagesse

Normandy – France

I had been an UIAGM qualified guide for over 12 years. Like many guides, I have done many north face ascents and climbing expeditions, but my favorite activity in the mountains is ski touring and off-piste skiing. I boast a vast knowledge of off-piste itineraries around the Mont Blanc range and Aiguille Rouge, and also in Italy and Switzerland.

Favourite activities: Off-Piste and Ski Touring – the steeper the better !

Lionel Condemine

Annecy (Haute Savoie) – France

My job as a mountain guide brought me to the Southern Alps. I teach telemark and it accompanies me wherever I travel (Nordic countries, Canada, Alaska, Greenland et all alpine countries …) and in my almost daily practice of hiking in winter.

I’m not competing in the soul and telemark is for me a glide of elegance, freedom and soft efficiency.
There was no book in French that explored telemark ; so I allowed myself to write it. “From telemark to elegance” is just a celebration at this particular ski.

I like the idea of the Meidjo, this fixation promises a beautiful evolution in fidelity to this secular glide.

Felix Lintner

Felix Lintner


Ronald Nordmann

Kirchheim/Teck – Germany

I’m skiing and climbing around Europe – preferably in quiet and hidden regions. My alpine career began at the beginning of the eighties with colourful clothes in the upcoming freeclimbing era. At the same time first ski tours in Switzerland and Austria.

Numerous ascents shaped my fascination for the attraction of being the first. When I doesn’t create climbing and ski-touring books at Panico Alpinverlag I devote myself to mountaineering in all its facets. My goal is to spend as little time as possible with CO2 emissions.

Movement under my own power is the motto of the time. Less flying, more skiing. That’s why I prefer spending time exploring the Verwall mountains on the edge from a small mountain hut with an hedonistic group of artists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Veronika Sorokina

Veronika Sorokina

Krasnaya Polyana – Russia

Twice Russian Freeride Cup champion

7th position in FWT ranking

Participation in Russian freeride movie project “RideThePlanet”

Favorite activities : Skiing, mountaineering, windsurfing

Sebastian Breuninger

Sebastian Breuninger

Mindelheim – Germany

I am a filmmaker and photographer from Germany that is going to move to British Columbia Canada at the beginning of next year. I lived there before for 2.5 years and really liked the outdoors and nature that I can find there. I have been making videos and photos for over 5 years now, working in the film industry and running my own production company. I have also been skiing since I was a little kid and had seasons passes in Canada over the last few years.

Florian Sonnweber

Florian Sonnweber

Ehenbichl – Austria

The mountains have never let me go since I was a child. Grown up in beautiful Ausserfern (Reutte / Tyrol) and preferably on the road in my home mountains. At the age of 3 I was already standing on two boards in winter and it didn’t take long for ski racing to grasp my ambition. Alpine sport has always been my passion, whether it’s climbing rocks in summer or ice climbing, ski touring and freeriding in winter. Since 2018 I have been able to practice and live my dream job as a certified mountain and ski guide.

Favorite Activities: Ski mountaineering, Freeriding, Ice climbing, Rock climbing

Sergeys Baranov

Sergeys Baranov

Moskva – Russia

I ski a lot ,everywhere, skied down from the top of several 8000m peaks. A lot of moutain experditions (Nepal,Pakistan,Asia). Rock climbing , mountain bike.

Finn Schauer

Finn Schauer

Ludwigsbourg – Germany

I climbe, bike and study in summer, but I live for winter,
which i spend skiing with my friends In Disentis. We like to
hunt lines by foot, away from crowded touring areas or
skiresorts. For me it’s all about getting fast in deep powder!
My favorit thing is, when the shit hits you in the face!

Igor Nadezhin

Ufa – Russia

I started skiing in the South Urals and have been skiing for over forty years. Started working as a ski guide in 2001 at the Elbrus region, Mount Cheget. I travel all over the world and teach off-piste skiing at our freeride ski school. Most of all I love heli-skiing in New Zealand and Kamchatka, as well as powder locations in Japan…

Ilya Baranov

Ilya Baranov

Moskva – Russia

I have been skiing since I was 2 years old. Nowdays I tend to do a lot of sports . My faivorite ones are – skiing , mountain biking , surfing , rock climbing and alpinism. At 12 years old I went to the top of Mont Blanc. At 13 I skied from the top of Kazbegi (5054) and Elbrus(5642). I was the youngest person to do that.

Ricardo Flepp

Ricardo Flepp

Disentis – Suisse

As the son of a mountain guide, I learned to love the mountains at an early age. My parents have taken me skiing since I could walk. Since then, my life has revolved around skiing and the mountains.
My goals are first descents and to combine mountaineering with skiing. I mean, who likes to walk down when you can ski down the mountain?

Stefan Marlin

Stefan Marlin

Bludenz – Austria

I grew up in the mountains of the Silvretta region in the beautiful Montafon. I started skiing when I was 2 1/2 years old. After school I turned my hobby into a job and have been working in a sports shop for 15 years. Skiing is my passion, but the slopes keep getting busier and busier. That is why the love for touring in winter and hiking in summer has increased in recent years. The mountains give me the peace and quiet that I need in my life.

Favorite activities: skiing, touring, bike & hike, traveling and music.

Mihnea Radu Prundeanu

Mihnea Radu Prundeanu

Bucharest – Romania

have always dreamt to live a lifestyle in close connection to the mountains. I first became a geographer then a passionate climber and skier and later an IFMGA mountain guide. I love to travel, for work or personal objectives, to discover mountain areas where I haven’t been before, to meet new people and learn about different cultures. From time to time I also like to challenge myself and get involved in different projects, mountain related off course.

Blanka Sepulveda

Czech Republic. 

I grew up near the Beskydy mountains in Czech Republic. I did not spend my teenage years skiing but horse riding! Later I became totally addicted to rock climbing and mountaineering which changed my life and eventually brought me to Chamonix in 2003. I discovered skiing and ski touring here and became super passionate about it. As well as my friends, it is the mountains, our local playground, that is keeping me here in Chamonix!

Favourite activities: off piste skiing, ski touring, ski mountaineering and rock climbing.

Sophie Lavaud

Sophie Lavaud


Mountaineer who loves climbing above 8000 m in the Himalayas…
After Mount Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Shishapangma, Gasherbrum II, Broad Peak Manaslu and K2, I summited Annapurna I, Kangchenjunga, and Gasherbrum I in 2019. I became the first Swiss and French woman by conquering 11 summits over 8000 meters.
That’s why my nickname is now the “88000 Lady”
As volunteer ambassador of Terre des hommes, I am involved in different projects. In realizing my dreams, I try to help women especially in Nepal and Pakistan to achieve theirs.



Czech Republic. 

I grew up in small but beautiful mountains named Beskydy in Czech Republic.
At age of 5 I stood on skis for the first time.
I tried a few ski races until I was 9 years old, but thanks to my friend I discovered biathlon, which I absolutely fell for and did it another 10 years.
However, I never stopped chasing drill of skiing and spent all my free time with something on my feet. Whether it was skis, cross-country skis, touring ski, snowboard or telemark. At the beginning of the strangely crazy year 2020, I decided to move in the heart of the Swiss Alps to small mountain village called Mürren.


Mattias Raime


My early years were spent on the soccer field chasing ball, at the age of 14 I found skiing and I fell for it.I started visiting Switzerland every winter for 5 years until one day i decided to settle here.
Growing up in a country as flat as Estonia, I have now truly made up for the time by moving to a snowy village called Mürren in Switzerand. Life in the Swiss alps for the last 7 years has been filled with skiing adventures, all that is needed is snow, ogso skis and good company.

Alex Fakov

Alex Fakov

Кabardino-Balkar, Russia

Climber, skier, rescuer at Elbrus resort. Elbrus guide. I made more than 30 expeditions to Elbrus. Specialist in the field of protection in emergency situations. … I am engaged in freeriding, slackline, rock climbing and photography.

Liz Craig

Liz Craig

Oregon – USA

I didn’t grow up skiing. It wasn’t until 2017 that I was introduced to my now favorite hobby of skiing. Shortly after mastering the art of skiing moderate slopes, I invested in a touring set-up because mountaineering and skiing go hand-in-hand out here in the Pacific Northwest. I loved climbing mountains and adding a ski component only made climbing even more fun!

Wy’east (Mount Hood) in Oregon is my home mountain where I learned how to ski. It’s the first volcano I climbed and my favorite place to explore on skis. I truly love skiing and mountaineering. I spend my summers trail running and training for going uphill in the winters, and my winters I spend going uphill on skis and maximizing the minimal daylight to earn my turns. My ski motto I live by is “Even a bad day of skiing is a good day.”

Melanie Miklos

Starnberg – Germany

My mum put me on Skis at the age of 3, since then I got more and more addicted. Every year I was travelling a lot around Germany, Austria and South Tirol to discover the most beautiful mountains. In the last three years I was suffering from a big knee injury, followed by 2 surgeries. My only goal was to stand back on skis – stronger and more motivated than ever before. And I made it. Sometimes pre-work, sometimes after-work, sometimes full weekends or for weeks, I try to use every single chance to find my way there. The mountains are my happy place – No matter if skiing, ski-touring, train-running or hiking.