Letters from Sophie Lavaud: September 25th, 2022

soso au camp 3

Good morning,

We finished our acclimation with a nice rotation to camp 3 at 6660m. Between snow, fog, and light… this corner of the Himalayas is really beautiful.

Manaslu is very busy this season, so you have to be a bit smart and leave the camps early instead of waiting for the sun… Which is capricious anyway this year. Cumulatively, we had a meter of fresh snow at camp 3 on this rotation which caused a big avalanche risk on the top slopes and deterred more than one from trying the summit.


Our small team, Alex, Lakpa, Sangay and I are back at base camp with no worries and the good weather seems to be coming for the next few days… Rest, birthday and laundry are completed, we will be able to go up and try the top!
Keep your fingers crossed!


Manaslu Base Camp 25.09.2022

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