The Ogso Cosmique – An all-rounder for long Tours

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During the last winter season I had the opportunity to test the Cosmique touring ski of Ogso in addition to the downhill and powder orientated Schwarztor. I was traveling in various snow situations and weather conditions and was able to get a good picture of him.

First off, the ski was thankfully provided by Ogso, but that does not affect my opinion.

That says the manufacturer and specifications


The Cosmique ski ensures a balanced skiing, so you float smoothly and relaxed having an absolute exceptional experience. It gives an impression of being in the steep and in the very technical terrain or in the trees. At the same time you can go amazingly fast and stable.

  • Length: 176 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Ski width: 95 mm under the binding
  • Radius: 18 m
  • Barrel length: 920 mm


The construction is very similar to that of the Schwarztor ( here to read). Both skis are part of the Ultralight series and are therefore extremely light, as they are made of the lightest yet highly functional materials, such as carbon. The Cosmique is assigned to the 90 Mittelbreitenserie and has – at my length of 176 cm – 95 mm below the bond on – a great width for a modern all-purpose touring ski. The Cosmique also has the so-called super rocker, a chamber and a tail rocker. However, the chamber is relatively much longer than the black gate, which causes tip and tail rocker shorter and increases the effective edge length. This longer edge and narrower center width allow for more pressure, increasing grip on hard or icy snow. In addition, crossings on icy ground are easier, because the better hold is noticeable in the ascent. In addition, the narrower center width makes walking with crampons easier,which may be necessary especially in the spring.

In addition, the same surface and the same edges as the Schwarztor were processed, which had quite a bit of stones, branches or the like there and still have no wear – I assume that this should be the same for the Cosmique and all other Ogso skis , Despite the lightweight construction was not saved here at the wrong end!


Although the Cosmique is very similar in construction to the Schwarztor, their behavior is very different. One thing they have in common, they are very energy efficient and forgive the driver a lot, which is very pleasant after a long climb.

The Cosmique – in my case with an ATK Freeraider 14 mounted on +1 cm – is extremely playful and can be turned very easily, even at slow speeds. The Schwarztor – mounted on the recommendation of the manufacturer – needs rather higher speed to “get into driving” and to fully enjoy its advantages.

Of course, in terms of promotion, the Cosmique has the edge – it’s lighter, shorter and narrower, which makes it very comfortable even for long days.

This ease and simplicity also provides perfect control in downhill terrain on all downhill slopes, without requiring too much power from the skis, and steep gullies turn into pleasure.

The powder performance is also very good. Although I have put the binding forward a bit, the ski swims in the fresh snow on super – here is the super rocker construction noticeable. However, you can not compare him to Blacktooth, who plays for me in a league of his own in powder matters.

The forward-mounted mounting point provides top control on corner exit, supported by the tail rocker and the slightly softer flex in the tail area. This combination allows for short, controlled turns and provides a secure feeling in difficult snow and terrain.

Only on icy slopes I would prefer not to use the Cosmique. It definitely offers more grip than the Black Gate, but I would prefer more bias as a predominant slope and less rocker skis. On cramped or soft slopes, I can still imagine him as a great ski – but have never tested him in such conditions.

A drawback, which could be due to the mounting point on the one hand and on the other hand a user error, is that I occasionally, after longer tours, had problems loosening the rear edge. However, what I take quite a bit in the many benefits of this setup – you have to drive always concentrated, regardless of the ski.

On the whole, the Cosmique has convinced me in this constellation.


For me, the Cosmique is a ski that I take with me everywhere, without considering whether it fits the conditions. I mainly use it for long trips, during which different conditions can be expected and where the demands change – flat glaciers, steep crossings or climbing passages where I strap it onto my backpack.

Even if I spend a lot of time on the climb, the downhill performance is always very important to me – and that provides the Cosmique extremely reliable.


The Cosmique has impressed me in recent months and I enjoy every tour. He is well-balanced in what he offers – playful cornering, top control and energy-saving skiing fun – and has little more than the driver.

This ski is for mountaineers who are looking for a touring ski that hardly allows any weaknesses and can cope with all conditions. He is also ideal for beginners, because he is very easy to drive and forgives much. I can always take him on tour without hesitation and know that he will make a good figure.


Written by Christoph Dressnandt

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