How to Care for Your Touring Skis and Splitboards

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Touring skis and split boards are essential equipment for backcountry adventurers. They allow you to explore untouched slopes and experience the thrill of untouched powder. However, like any other piece of gear, they require proper care and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. In this article, we will discuss the essential steps to care for your touring skis and split boards, including cleaning, waxing, and storage.

Cleaning Your Touring Skis and Splitboards :

Cleaning Your Touring Skis and Splitboards Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining the performance of your touring skis and split boards. After a day in the backcountry, they can accumulate dirt, debris, and moisture, which can affect their glide and maneuverability. Here’s how to clean them effectively:

Remove Excess Snow:

Begin by removing any excess snow from your skis or split board. Use a ski scraper or a brush to gently remove the snow from the base and the edges.

Remove Dirt and Debris:

Inspect the base for dirt and debris. Use a soft cloth or a dedicated ski base cleaner to remove any stubborn dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the base or the edges.

Dry Thoroughly:

Moisture can cause rusting and deterioration of the ski or split board. After cleaning, make sure to dry them thoroughly before storage. Wipe down the base and edges with a dry cloth, and leave them in a well-ventilated area until completely dry.

Waxing Equipments:

Waxing Your Touring Skis and Splitboards Waxing is an essential part of ski and split board maintenance. It helps to improve glide, protect the base, and enhance overall performance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to waxing your touring skis and split boards:

Clean the Base:

Before applying wax, ensure that the base is clean and dry. Follow the cleaning steps mentioned earlier to remove any dirt or debris.

Choose the Right Wax:

Select an appropriate wax for the snow conditions you’ll be encountering. There are various types of wax available, such as all-temperature, warm-temperature, and cold-temperature waxes. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek advice from a professional if you’re unsure.

Apply the Wax:

Heat the wax and drip it along the base of the ski or split board. Use an iron to spread the wax evenly over the base. Move the iron in long, steady strokes from tip to tail to ensure complete coverage. Let the wax cool and harden.

Scrape and Brush:

Once the wax has cooled, use a plastic scraper to remove excess wax. Scrape from tip to tail in a smooth motion. After scraping, use a brush to remove any remaining wax and to achieve a polished finish. Brush in the direction of the base structure.

Storing Your Touring Skis and Splitboards :

Storing Your Touring Skis and Splitboards Proper storage is essential to preserve the quality and performance of your touring skis and split boards during the off-season. Follow these tips for storing them:

Dry Completely:

Before storing, make sure your skis or split board are completely dry. Any residual moisture can lead to rust or damage during storage.

Apply a Protective Coating:

Consider applying a thin layer of storage wax or a rust inhibitor to protect the base and edges during storage. This will help prevent oxidation and corrosion.

Store in a Cool, Dry Place:

Find a cool, dry location to store your skis or split board. Avoid areas prone to extreme temperature changes, direct sunlight, or high humidity. Hanging them or using a ski rack is a good way to keep them organized and prevent damage

In summary, sticking to these basic steps will help you maintain your touring skis and split boards so they last a good while. Regular care and attention mean you can enjoy exploring the backcountry for many seasons without any issues. These uncomplicated tasks, done consistently, keep your gear sturdy and dependable, ensuring it’s always ready for numerous exciting outdoor adventures.

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