I’m the mountain in the Eye

Looking at you and I can read your mind
I don’t need to see any more to know that you want to climb my spine
The sun in your eyes made some of the dreams worth believing
Don’t leave false illusions behind and don’t cry If winds are changing my mind
Don’t let the fire rush to your head because I don’t want to see you dead
But don’t think I’ll be sorry … you’ve taken lots of Chances before
That’s how it goes so don’t ask me if it’s ok

‘cause part of me knows that you respect me

– Inspired from the Alan Parsons project “Eye in the Sky”


We enjoy the simplest things in life and it is a total pleasure.

Climbing is like meditation, at every summit, the cold breeze makes us realize our amazing adventure.

We do not let the storm get in us.

Just because we are in damn stressful situations, we do not freak out, we have the mindset and the experience to manage, we are well prepared.

We are addicted to mountains it’s a real paradise on earth baby!

We think of mountains …

And our stomach churns in the beautiful butterfly way, like a swirling tornado storming in our souls, they teach us how to become strong and steady.