Schwarztor – Lightweight Fun

The Schwarztor is now in its third Season under my feet. This ski is a real Do-it-All-Fun-Ski! No matter if you use it on an evening quick tour running fast uphill with those trained skinny guys, or if you enjoy a long day in the big mountains with 1500m climbs or more – with a Marker Alpinist binding, the set is so lightweight, that you walk like nothing! When it comes to descend, the Schwarztor shines especially when you like narrow corners, when you play with the ground, if you like tree skiing! It turns quickly with an ease, but stays stable enough even under higher speeds. For sure the Schwarztor shines most in soft snow, powder and slush – but it is astonishing, how well it can handle icy conditions when they occur. But here I prefer my Thor (See other Testimonial).


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