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€ 650.00

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“ Corbet’s Couloir is about ten feet wide at the entrance with rock faces on three sides, but opens up quickly. It’s a seriously consequential, high-speed drop onto a 45 degree slope that requires good conditions and multiple powerful, technical moves on skis or a snowboard to successfully execute .”


The BRAND NEW CORBET’S 110s facilitates turns and permits you to pivot. It’s Energetic and versatile.

The Corbet’s ski ensures a balanced skiing, so you float smoothly and relaxed having an absolute exceptional experience. It gives an ease in the steep and in the very technical terrain or in the trees. At the same time you can go amazingly fast and stable.


It has an almost flat camber under the foot permitting the transfer of a lot of pressure instantly to the snow, distributing stability to the tip and tail. The ski flex has been adapted to the rocker subsequently reducing vibration to a minimum. The rocker in combination with the flex, engineering and materials is anevolution to natural skiing and helps enormously in all snows types in pivoting and grip.


Two layers of carbon-aramid fiber on top a paulownia wood core and underneath two layers of carbon-aramid fiber. Strengthened in the upper middle by an X-tape of newest carbon fiber and a ribbon of carbon-kevlar in the tip. Manufactured where all fiber layers, above and below, completely traverse the ski covering the sidewalls, this technic adds a lot of strength. Carbon, when mixed with aramid fibers remains extremely light but manages to absorb a high percentage of vibrations.